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1Are you having an identity crisis?52.4%  
2Do you know most names of the Police officers in your town or city?55.0%  
3Name a famous hockey player?52.8%  
4Should President Trump get impeached if found guilty of obstruction?50.0%  
5Do you watch your local news on TV?54.3%  
6Do you judge other people by their appearance?54.5%  
7Do you think that President Trump has a mental health condition?50.0%  
8If you live in the U.S. who are you voting for on November 8, 2016?50.0%  
9Do you remember where you were on 911?50.0%  
10Should North Carolina's bathrooms law be overturned?52.0%  
11Can you guess where I am creating this survey?50.0%  
12Can you get someone to believe everything that you say and talk about?52.3%  
13Have you made any New Years Resolutions for 2016?52.1%  
14Are you famous?52.1%  
15Should Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) be sent to a women's prison or a men's prison for manslaughter charges stemming from that auto accident in California?53.7%  
16Can you agree with this statement?52.2%  
17Do you really care what other people may think about you?54.2%  
18Should you always make a public annoucement anytime you make changes to your life?54.2%  
19Is there another SC member that you know personally?52.3%  
20Are you a food addict?52.4%  
21What is the biggest mistake you made in your life?50.0%  
22would you consider adopting a 75-year old man if he gave you his pension?52.2%  
23Has your life been nothing but drama?47.6%  
24Do you feel like you are talking to someone while online?50.0%  
25Should you always be careful what you tell others while online?52.4%  
26Have you ever swallowed a piece of food and choked on it?52.4%  
27Is there a nitpicking frenzy going on in unqualified surveys?47.2%  
28Which of these do you use as your home phone service?55.0%  
29Do you think that the U.S. will get into more wars on terrorism involving other countries?52.1%  
30Can you name a famous Mary?51.9%