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1When life gives you lemons...62.1%  
2Do you get goose bumps when you sneeze?56.9%  
3Did you read your book?58.2%  
4Which of the following nouns derive from the name of a historical figure?57.4%  
5Do you think Survey Central is a diverse community?60.4%  
6What do you think of the Policy Analysis Market?57.1%  
7What do you think of the current effort to recall California Governor Gray Davis?56.0%  
8Is there a stereotype or generalization that you are sick of the other gender making about your gender?58.3%  
9Which one of these is not the name of a Babylonian king?60.2%  
10Which one of these is not the title of a book of the Old Testament?62.8%  
11I have the hiccups!61.9%  
12Which boils faster?57.8%  
13Would you change your appearance (or any aspect of it) if your SO asked you to?57.9%  
14Have you ever had stitches?56.3%