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1Do you ever regret being right?57.1%  
2What do you iron (or have ironed by someone else) regularly?55.0%  
3Do you make any preserved/fermented/pickled foods?50.0%  
4What forms of transport can you hear from your home?55.0%  
5Have you watched any old TV shows lately?50.0%  
6How do you protect yourself from the sun?56.3%  
7What are you sitting on?55.0%  
8When you are at home and awake, where do you spend most of your time?53.8%  
9What devices do you have that take photos?57.1%  
10What do you prefer your toilet seat to be made from?54.8%  
11What would you do in this toilet situation?54.5%  
12What colour are the socks you are wearing?53.7%  
13What do you think about in the shower?52.2%  
14Who have you spoken to in the last week?56.0%  
15What is the floor like where you are right now?54.3%  
16What does the ceiling look like in the room you are in now?54.5%  
17What fluids do you drink in a typical day?54.0%  
18What kinds of sandwiches do you make at home?52.3%  
19What are some of the minor daily irritations in your life?55.8%  
20What are you looking forward to?56.3%  
21Are there any dishes that you like, even though you really dislike one of the main ingredients?52.6%  
22Have you ever spoiled your ballot paper?50.0%  
23Do you try to avoid stepping on snails?52.4%  
24What do you call your boss?56.0%  
25How often do you feel able to meet the demands placed upon you in your occupation?54.3%  
26What would you willingly pay more for next time?58.7%  
27Have you ever worked on Christmas Day?54.2%  
28Have you ever participated in industrial action?54.0%  
29When was the last time you dug a hole?56.0%  
30What is the most exciting thing you have done since you got up?53.8%