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1Do you know anyone that does "negative work"?52.4%  
2Were you ever a camp counselor at a summer camp?52.8%  
3What do you miss least about going to school?55.6%  
4What do you miss most about high school?55.6%  
5How often do you feel able to meet the demands placed upon you in your occupation?54.3%  
6What do you call your boss?56.0%  
7Have you ever worked on Christmas Day?54.2%  
8Do you wish your job was more or less challenging?57.9%  
9In general, at work, do you prefer to report to a man or a woman?55.8%  
10Are you good at your job?57.4%  
11You're fired! Have you ever had to say those words?57.1%  
12Are you a massage therapist?52.0%  
13Have you ever liked science classes in your school days?54.5%  
14How do you feel about these rules for how to react to bullying?55.8%  
15What do you do for a living? What's your job/workday like?50.0%  
16What do you do, how do you do it, why do you do it, where are you doing it at, and when do you do it the most?55.6%  
17Do you think that bullying in schools is a bigger problem than you realized?52.5%  
18Are you a gunsmith?50.0%  
19Are you a College student?54.2%  
20Please state your name:50.0%  
21How many weeks of vacation do you get from work?53.8%  
22How many sick days are you allowed in a year?54.2%  
23Have you ever worked nights?55.2%  
24How do you usually get to work?51.8%  
25Have you ever cried at work?53.4%  
26Is your work in danger of being revolutionized?56.1%  
27Have you ever had a paper route?56.5%  
28What is the longest time that you've been out of work against your wishes?59.4%  
29Have you ever had to work with someone who has the whole place convinced that they are perfect angels, but you know they aren't ?53.2%  
30Have you ever worked a job that made some part of your body hurt?58.9%