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1Do you think about new surveys that you can create?50.0%  
2Elusive Ideas: Have you ever thought of a great idea for a survey, then forgot it the next time you want to create one here at SC?57.1%  
3has anyone seen a lot of SHAD FLIES in the Perth, Carleton Place area lately?37.5%  
4Is there another SC member that you know personally?52.3%  
5Is there a nitpicking frenzy going on in unqualified surveys?47.2%  
6Do you think that surveys should be disallowed from being created if they have already been done in the past?59.6%  
7Will you ever create another survey?52.1%  
8Have you stopped creating new surveys?47.5%  
9If you were going to attend a funeral of a SC member which member would that be?47.8%  
10is there a certain time or day that you Log In to SC?52.2%  
11Do you remember me?52.1%  
12Does it seem like some Survey Central members are missing?54.2%  
13Are you interested in additional financial events in the future?48.0%  
14Do you think that it's time for some of us to update our avatars?52.4%  
15Would you recommend SC to family and friends?50.0%  
16Are you in your Think Tankwry smile trying to think up ideas for a new survey?50.0%  
17Have you created a survey this week?56.0%  
18Do you like asking silly questions?52.4%  
19Do you look back at old surveys to get an idea for a new survey?50.0%  
20Is it ok to use commas when creating a survey?45.2%  
21Do you use a Dictionary when creating a survey?50.0%  
22Do you feel like you have a lot of history on survey central?54.0%  
23Do you have an idea for a new survey?51.9%  
24Are you having problems with another SC member?52.1%  
25Do you like "Do you like..." surveys?56.8%  
26Should we tell other SC members a little more about ourselves?55.4%  
27Does it bother you when a newbie joins the chatter in the Forum threads?53.6%  
28survey central is getting together men and women's football teams would you be interested?50.0%  
29What should we name our boat?58.0%  
30Have you ever accidentally clicked on the emoticons and markup code link instead of clicking the comment box?50.0%