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31Do you have a gym membership?55.4%  
32what is the most exciting kind of scuba diving?53.4%  
33Is competitive cheerleading a sport?54.8%  
34What is your opinion on the new "False start" rule in athletics?55.3%  
35Do you like to watch or play hockey?48.6%  
36Are you more likely or less likely to watch The Masters because Tiger Woods is playing?51.4%  
37Did you watch the opening ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympics?55.6%  
38What is your favorite event in the 2010 Winter Olympics59.7%  
39Does the public excuse too much outrageous behavior in professional athletes?53.7%  
40Who Dat (2)?44.4%  
41Who Dat?53.6%  
42What is your favourite sport?55.3%  
43Is golf a game or a sport?52.9%  
44Which sports do you enjoy to watch?58.1%  
45If you were to create a fictional sports team for a novel, movie, or TV series, what would you name it, and what sport would they play?50.0%  
46Are technological advances in some sports, such as swimming, golf and tennis, becoming the primary factor in who wins, rather than the natural talent and training of the athletes?57.1%  
47Brett Favre as a Minnesota Viking?54.8%  
48Would you class Formula 1 Car Racing as a sport?50.0%  
49What is your favorite NFL football team?57.8%  
50Do you like to play basketball?53.6%  
51What do you think about professional athletes getting paid millions of dollars?52.7%  
52Do you think professional athletes are paid too much?57.3%  
53Is a bell necessary on a bike?54.7%  
54How do you feel about kickball becoming an adult sport with leagues, teams, and championships?52.8%  
55Will you be attending the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, Canada?55.9%  
56Who do you think is the greatest mix martial arts fighter of all time?45.8%  
57Do you know how to climb mountains?51.4%  
58Did you ever participate in climbing mountains?50.0%  
59Have you ever gone deer hunting?57.0%  
60Do you like to play kick-ball?57.7%