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1Name a famous hockey player?52.8%  
2Do you like to watch baseball?52.0%  
3Are you excited about Panam Games 2015 held in Toronto this summer?56.3%  
4Will you be watching the Tour de France this year?53.4%  
5In your opinion do think that the NFL team Washington should change the name Redskins?50.0%  
6Have you ever been to a professional rodeo PRCA?50.0%  
7Do you think that there will be more security in place at this year's Boston Marathon?50.0%  
8In your opinion how do you feel about Barbie being on the cover of Sports Illustrated?47.8%  
9Do you think that the Denver Broncos were the worse team in the 2014 Super Bowl?47.2%  
10Who do you pick to win the 2014 Superbowl in New Jersey?52.2%  
11Did you ever like sports back in your school days?55.8%  
12Have you ever been to an NFL Superbowl?50.0%  
13Have you ever seen a 64 yard field goal kicked by an NFL team?51.9%  
14Do you think that the NFL team Washington should drop the name Redskins because it is offensive?47.5%  
15Do you think that the Denver Broncos are the best NFL football team?54.2%  
16Are you a hockey fan?55.4%  
17Peyton Manning=Denver Broncos VS Ely Manning=New York Giants which NFL team will win on Sunday?56.8%  
18Do you like to snow ski or snowboarding?50.0%  
19Are you a golfer?57.1%  
20Do you like to watch grown men play NFL football?47.7%  
21Do you think that professional sports stadiums such as the Denver Broncos are targeting women with their new bag policy?47.6%  
22Do you like to attend baseball games?50.0%  
23Do you think that the Denver Colorado Broncos are good enough to win next years Super Bowl?45.5%  
24Who do you pick to win the Super Bowl?46.0%  
25Should Lance Armstrong be treated like a criminal for doping?50.0%  
26Have you ever attended a Football Game?51.4%  
27Have you ever played Dodge Ball?56.7%  
28Which extreme sports do you appeal the most?48.3%  
29Should there be any professional sports?52.5%  
30Should the sport depend on how much an athlete makes salary wise?48.3%