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1What is the first name of the first guy or girl you ever kissed?55.8%  
2Tell me a reason parents of a teenage girl might not let her date a certain guy.55.8%  
3Socially women have it way better than men50.0%  
4Is it okay for your boyfriend to say I love you to another girl?53.4%  
5Do you usually get along well with other people?54.2%  
6Should same-sex marriages be legal in Texas, California and Colorado?51.6%  
7Are you man or are you a woman?52.0%  
8Would you do business with someone who is homophobic and antigay?53.7%  
9Is "playing hard to get" an effective strategy for romantic relationships?53.7%  
10Are you going through a sex change or do you know someone who is?50.0%  
11Have you ever had a case of mistaken identity?51.9%  
12Do you agree that, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with"?54.5%  
13Can a straight hetrosexual woman cure a gay man from homosexuality?44.4%  
14What sex is on your birth certificate?50.0%  
15Are you a gal or a dude?52.1%  
16What is the craziest thing you have ever done to prove that you love someone?56.3%  
17If a woman who is tomboy shaves her head and wears clothes of the opposite sex what does this mean?46.2%  
18Could it be possible at the time you were born that you were given a birth certificate of the opposite sex?40.9%  
19Do you take chances being too forward with people you'd like to date?55.6%  
20Have you ever pushed or been pushed to higher family standards?53.6%  
21Do you believe gay people are born gay?54.8%  
22Have you ever deliberately lied to someone when saying "I love you" ?53.6%  
23Are you man or woman?44.2%  
24Can women be the best of friends?51.9%  
25Women: do you know your bra size right away without looking at the tag?48.1%  
26Do you know what men are thinking about?48.1%  
27Are you in favor of or against same sex Civil Unions?48.1%  
28Are you happy being the sex/gender that you are male or female?50.0%  
29What does a woman look for in a man to marry?51.4%  
30What does a man look for in a woman to marry?50.0%