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Surveys - (53.8% ave rating) - 31 to 60 of 268 - Next 30
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31What operating system does your mobile phone use?58.8%  
32Can you freeze cigarettes to keep them fresh?54.4%  
33Can you name a least one harmonica manufacturer?54.2%  
34How many personal care products do you use each day?60.0%  
35Do you know what thermite is?54.2%  
36Have you seen any material items lately that you would really like for yourself? If so, what?53.0%  
38Gift suggestion question: I wouldn't want to do without my...52.9%  
39Do you use a universal remote or prefer using the individual one/s that come with the equipment?62.1%  
40How do you feel about the fashion industry's use of "vanity sizing"55.7%  
41What medications are you taking?55.6%  
42Does the supermarket in which you usually shop charge you for plastic bags?56.6%  
43Have you ever made money on something you made yourself?62.2%  
44Do you have a Tempurpedic bed or a memory foam mattress in your home?55.8%  
45Would you want to be made into sword after you die?54.5%  
46Does a matching hand bag and shoes HAVE to come from the same designer?56.1%  
47Has anyone ever criticized your wardrobe?55.9%  
48Are you insecure about your dress sense?57.9%  
49Do you wear rubbers?54.3%  
50Do you regularly wear clothes that advertise the store you bought them from?55.3%  
51Do you want a sleeved blanket (e.g. Snuggie® ) ?61.3%  
52What kind of tree should I plant along my driveway?56.4%  
53What do you think of wearing second hand clothes? Would you? Do you?60.3%  
54Do you purchase Avon?58.0%  
55Would you rather have an Apple iPhone now or Google's phone the day it comes out (probably next year)?59.4%  
56How much do you care about the price of gas/petrol?63.3%  
57What is the mark of your watch?41.3%  
58What stone is your most preferable?58.1%  
59Have you ever ridden a Segway?62.5%  
60What kind of greeting cards do you prefer?64.1%