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1Do you subscribe to People Magazine?52.4%  
2What are you sitting on?55.0%  
3Are you planning on buying the Apple Watch?52.1%  
4What colour is the toothpaste you're using presently?54.8%  
5What are your thoughts on the new Blackberry Phone?55.2%  
6Do you like shopping at Thrift Stores?51.8%  
7Did you buy something new not used?50.0%  
8Are mergers good for large companies?54.3%  
9Does your Cable service provider offer high speed internet and phone service?50.0%  
10Are you going to buy the last of those incandescent 40 and 60 watt light bulbs before they are phased out in 2014?53.8%  
11Did you recieve your online order on Christmas Day?52.1%  
12Do you think that Black Friday shoppers are violent and out of control?54.0%  
13Would you be one of the first 50 customers in line for a gift bag and a $5.00 gift certificate?52.1%  
14Would you like to spend a whole week shopping at Wal Mart?45.8%  
15Have you ever been to a storage auction to bid?54.5%  
16Do you like to shop at Cabela's?48.0%  
17Do you have a furniture store in your town or city45.8%  
18Do you have a Family Dollar store close to where you are living right now?47.9%  
19Do you like to shop at Wal Mart?51.6%  
20Do you love to shop any kind of Shopping?48.1%  
21Why are the numbers on a calculator and a phone reversed?61.1%  
22Have you ever shopped at a Dollar Store?50.0%  
23Clear or colored beer bottles?51.7%  
24Are you going out to buy Valentine's Day candy on sale now that the day is over?58.3%  
25There is a new product on the market that makes your life easier, but it shortens your life every time you use it, would you use it?52.8%  
26What kinds of retail stores would you like to be in your immediate area that you cannot now find enough of, or any at all?57.8%  
27Best Canadian Cell Phone Provider?46.0%  
28Do you knowingly buy chocolate products containing cocoa harvested by child slave labor?53.3%  
29Which of these two horrible toys described deserves the Fail Award?55.4%  
30What operating system does your mobile phone use?58.8%