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1Do you own an American Flag?53.6%  
2Is anything you own 'on its way out'?57.1%  
3Do you still own a rotary phone?55.0%  
4What devices do you have that take photos?57.1%  
5Does your home have hardwood floors?54.2%  
6What was the last kitchen appliance you bought or got as a gift? What do you like about it?52.2%  
7What would you willingly pay more for next time?58.7%  
8Do you own any credit cards?57.4%  
9Have you ever had a pet mouse?55.4%  
10Do you trust people to fix your things that you don't know how to fix?57.7%  
11Do you have any cast iron cookware?50.0%  
12What kind of window coverings do you have in your home?58.0%  
13Do you own a snow globe?54.2%  
14Do you have any graph paper?54.5%  
15Which of these things do you have in your yard?56.3%  
16Do you live in a mobile home?47.7%  
17Have you made a will?54.0%  
18Are you putting away enough money for your retirement?56.3%  
19Do you own a popcorn popper?52.2%  
20Do you own a loveseat?53.8%  
21Do you own a pet rabbit?52.0%  
22Do you own a tent?56.0%  
23Do you own a pocket watch?52.0%  
24Do you own a smartphone?53.6%  
25Do you like to save shoeboxes?55.6%  
26Do you own a credenza?55.8%  
27Do have any unusable/broken computers?54.3%  
28Do you own a tote bag?53.8%  
29Do you have carpet in your kitchen?55.2%  
30Which of these things do you have?50.0%