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1Should President Trump get impeached if found guilty of obstruction?50.0%  
2Off-time politicking: Would you like elections to be held on the weekend?54.3%  
3What do you think of former President Obama commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning?52.8%  
4Who will be the next President of the USA in 4years time?47.2%  
5If you live in the U.S. who are you voting for on November 8, 2016?50.0%  
6Do you believe that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities?52.3%  
7Should the United States defense budget be increased or decreased?52.2%  
8Have you ever spoiled your ballot paper?50.0%  
9Which way do you prefer to vote?52.2%  
10Vote for President (first past the post)55.0%  
11Vote for President (ranking)52.0%  
12Vote for President (approval)51.9%  
13Who would you most like to see as the next President of the USA?57.4%  
14Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union, or remain part of it?56.5%  
15What is the nearest place of worship to your home?53.3%  
16Which politician do you think should be the next Prime Minister of Canada?54.3%  
17Four years ago I asked, is Donald Trump a chump and so I ask again!51.6%  
18How do you treat people who do not share your religious or political beliefs?58.7%  
19Have you ever been "on the wrong side of history"?54.0%  
20Do your politics match the politics of the place you live?57.7%  
21Do you think that the U.S. will get into more wars on terrorism involving other countries?52.1%  
22Did Hillary Clinton break any laws by using private email accounts?50.0%  
23Can most church Pastors be trusted?51.7%  
24Do you believe that Islam is a religion of peace?53.3%  
25Which has the most power over you?55.8%  
26Who gives the most vague answer to a question?57.1%  
27Are you more concerned about environmental issues today than you were twenty years ago?56.0%  
28Now that the Republicans are in control in Washington D.C. will something get accomplished?53.7%  
29Do you think that President Obama U.S. is doing enough to stop the spread of Ebola?51.9%  
30Do you approve of the use of drone strikes by the US government?55.0%