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1Do people care about mankind today50.0%  
2Steam room or sauna?54.8%  
3Do you enjoy seeing the progress of new construction?56.3%  
4How often do you listen to the radio?59.5%  
5What kind of calendar do you use?56.8%  
6How do you pronounce this name?55.8%  
7Do you wear dentures?56.8%  
8What do you prefer your toilet seat to be made from?54.8%  
9What's the least you would wear on a warm summer day?52.1%  
10What's the most you would wear on a cold winter day?58.0%  
11What term do you usually use for tavern?53.7%  
12Which is your favourite morning?56.5%  
13Which is your favourite afternoon?56.8%  
14Which is your favourite evening?54.8%  
15If you had the choice would you: get paid millions for posing nude in a magazine or be poor and the only person that saw you naked was your love of your life?51.8%  
16Which of these things are most and least important in your life?54.0%  
17Would you like to try a paternoster lift?60.0%  
18Which person would be easier to be around?52.3%  
19If you had the opportunity, would you visit the 9/11 memorial & museum in New York?53.7%  
20Do you like to dress up?62.0%  
21Are you a fan of Amy Schumer?50.0%  
22What is your favorite form(s) of footwear?54.8%  
23Which of these do you use as your home phone service?55.0%  
24Which would you rather goes first: your mind or your body?59.5%  
25When you have a photo of you done is it "made" or "taken"?56.5%  
26Would you rather swim in a swimming pool or a lake?54.2%  
27Do you like wearing hooded sweatshirts?54.3%  
28Which singers or bands or songs are you enjoying listening to at the moment?57.7%  
29What are your favorite nuts?59.6%  
30What temperature do you heat your place in winter?60.0%