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1Do you like to go boating?53.3%  
2Do you like looking at room design pictures?57.1%  
3What do you iron (or have ironed by someone else) regularly?54.8%  
4Do you use paper sticky notes?63.2%  
5Do you do cardio workouts?52.8%  
6Do you like to take hot baths?52.8%  
7Do you take walks every day?50.0%  
8Do you take surveys on other websites besides on Survey Central?54.3%  
9When you are at home and awake, where do you spend most of your time?53.8%  
10Do you wear a hearing aid?55.6%  
11Do you like to sew?54.3%  
12Are you a natural leader or a born follower?57.7%  
13What do you think about in the shower?52.2%  
14Do you wear shorts in the winter season?54.0%  
15What fluids do you drink in a typical day?54.0%  
16Do you always wash your hands before you eat?55.6%  
17Do you like to wear necklaces?56.3%  
18When do you change your underwear?52.0%  
19How do you pronounce the word 'bury'?57.7%  
20Do you write verbs on your 'to do' list?62.0%  
21Do you like to paint rooms in your home?52.3%  
22Do you play the banjo?52.5%  
23How often do you shave your face?54.2%  
24Do you like shopping at the Farmers Market?56.5%  
25Is your favorite color black?58.3%  
26Do you take surveys on other websites?50.0%  
27If someone wanted to come over and inspect your home tomorrow, would you have it visitor ready in time?54.3%  
28How is your handwriting?60.0%  
29Can you swim?47.7%  
30How often do you bathe/shower?54.0%