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1Can you tie something from the past to something in the future?50.0%  
2Thriving or Surviving?58.3%  
3Have you ever barfed in someone's mouth?53.6%  
4Who was the last person to pay you a compliment?60.7%  
5Have you ever walked a dusty road on a breezy day and got grit in your hair?55.9%  
6Gap In Time56.3%  
7Eyes On the Hands: If you wake during the night, do you look to see what time it is?57.9%  
8EEEK! What's the last thing that scared you enough to react with a scream or yell?60.0%  
9Have you ever booped a snoot?54.8%  
10Do you ever regret being right?58.7%  
11Name a famous glove.52.4%  
12When is the last time you did something for the first time?55.6%  
13Have you ever gone fishing?55.0%  
14Do you ever fake an accent?53.1%  
15Has there been a time when you felt particularly connected to someone?50.0%  
16Can you think of a time when you were on a roll or on top of your game?52.9%  
17Are there any places that you have never been, but that you like to read about?52.9%  
18Are there any songs that you feel compelled to sing along with?50.0%  
19Have you ever "saved the day"?52.9%  
20Have you ever been on a stakeout?52.8%  
21What forms of transport can you hear from your home?55.0%  
22What colours have you dyed your hair?52.6%  
23Do you still write checks/cheques?54.8%  
24Describe your worst experience with regard to customer service?53.1%  
25Have you ever had an idea, googled it, and found out it was not original?52.5%  
26Which of these make you feel greatest? Part 158.3%  
27Have you ever been in a play?52.4%  
28Do you know sign language?50.0%  
29Do you ever get a strong urge to sing?50.0%  
30Do you want to snack when someone's nice smelling cooking is filling the room?56.7%