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1Do you consider yourself imaginative?52.8%  
2Do you see yourself as a citizen of the world?57.1%  
3How many bank accounts do you have?57.9%  
4Do you think you are very other-aware?55.3%  
5Do you understand compound interest?52.5%  
6Are you good at algebra?58.3%  
7Do you remember where you were on 911?50.0%  
8What colour are the socks you are wearing?53.7%  
9Can you get someone to believe everything that you say and talk about?52.3%  
10Have you made any New Years Resolutions for 2016?52.1%  
11What are three things that you are selfishly thankful for?58.3%  
12Are you a problem solver or a problem creator?57.7%  
13How grey is your natural head of hair?55.6%  
14Do you have the "gift of gab"?61.1%  
15What worries you?62.1%  
16Which parts of an event are you best at?53.7%  
17How steady are your hands?56.3%  
18When you line up for something what do you call it?51.9%  
19Where is the center of your consciousness?58.3%  
20Can you agree with this statement?52.2%  
21Should you always make a public annoucement anytime you make changes to your life?54.2%  
22What numbers can be used to identify you?54.5%  
23How full is your refrigerator?60.0%  
24Do you keep your ducks in a row?58.3%  
25Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2015?50.0%  
26What is the strangest advice your parents ever gave you?52.3%  
27If you have children do you take them out on Halloween for trick or treating?50.0%  
28What is your biggest fear and why? Do you plan to overcome it? How?56.8%  
29Do you think that you think for yourself?56.3%  
30Do you regret it when you talk about something to other people that you did not mean to tell them?54.5%