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1What would your immediate thoughts be?52.4%  
2How would you describe this behavior?52.4%  
3If you get to 90 years old, what will matter most to you?52.3%  
4Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron?54.8%  
5Would you rather have the best house in a crapty neighborhood or the worst house in a fancy neighborhood?55.0%  
6Name a famous serial killer.55.0%  
7What are some simple carpentry ideas I could try?52.6%  
8If a stranger is doing something that is inconsequential to you, does it "affect" you?52.8%  
9What do you think this means?59.4%  
10Should it be legal to assemble/demonstrate in a public place, with all participants wearing masks?55.6%  
11Should it be legal to walk around in public in a mask?55.6%  
12How valuable are the opinions of people?58.3%  
13Should it be legal to walk around in outdoor public places carrying an open beer?57.5%  
14Name a famous footwear store.55.6%  
15Name a famous poem.52.8%  
16Why does crime exist in our society?54.3%  
17What do you feel is the earliest age you can leave children and or child alone at home for about 2 hours?50.0%  
18What is your opinion of parents being charged a fine because their kids are bullying other kids in school?59.3%  
19Do you like the snow?54.0%  
20What day during the week is the best night to stay at a motel/hotel?54.5%  
21Do you like lions?52.0%  
22Do you like tigers?52.0%  
23Does this explosion look like a rooster?54.0%  
24The tallest mountain in North America -- do you prefer the name Mt. McKinley or Denali?57.4%  
25Which of these people who were found not guilty do you think were actually guilty?59.6%  
26Do you believe that there's a 50% chance or more that our way of life will end within the next 100 years?54.5%  
27Would it be fun to spray water at things while riding a bike?52.3%  
28Looking at the map below which direction would you say the train is traveling?54.8%  
29Do you find life boring?56.0%  
30Do you approve of the open carry of squirt guns in public?58.0%