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31Name a famous Ford Guy.57.4%  
32most random comment you could ever make?51.9%  
33Do you like to eat crow?51.9%  
34Name a famous Maria!51.9%  
35I didn't know that! Please elect which of these statements you believe are true:54.2%  
36Can I pick your brain apart for a whole week?50.0%  
37Will your truthful answer to this survey be "no"?57.4%  
38Have you ever danced naked in the meadow by the light of a full moon while balancing an egg on your nose and singing the French national anthem?55.8%  
39What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?58.0%  
40Does this at least make you grin?51.6%  
41How long is a piece of string?55.9%  
42Don't you just hate to go poopy?38.0%  
43Which way would you most like to be murdered (assuming you have a choice and must make a choice)?57.9%  
44Did Noah have woodworms on the ark? If he did, where did he keep them?56.0%  
45At a (movie) theater which arm rest is yours?56.9%  
46How high can you count?48.1%  
47"What's your best one-liner joke?"58.3%  
48How long have you been on a raft with a chicken on a Monday morning?55.2%  
49Do you know what?58.6%  
50Will you walk away from a fool and his money?58.3%  
51Won't you take a ride on the flying spoon?53.6%  
52Do you ever wish you could just click drag things in your house to put them away?55.6%  
53By what authority are you?55.6%  
54Guess what56.1%  
55Have you ever been an innocent unsuspecting bystander just walking along minding your own business?56.0%  
56Are we having fun yet?55.4%  
57A giant piece of string?56.0%  
58Do you enjoy finding yourself in hypothetical situations?58.3%  
59I have a (blank) and I'm not afraid to use it!59.4%  
60Needful Things: Invent something that doesn't exist but you feel could be put to great use.59.1%