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1Do you like to roll dice?57.7%  
2Do you like playing the board game Scrabble?53.6%  
3Which, if any, of these musicians are you familiar with?55.9%  
4Do you read the magazine Sports Illuastrated?52.3%  
5Do you read Newsweek Magazine?52.4%  
6Do you watch your local news on TV?54.3%  
7Have you watched any old TV shows lately?50.0%  
8Do you like watching the game show Jeopardy? (USA Version)52.8%  
9Have your musical tastes changed in the last 10 years?54.5%  
10Which show with Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Conner) do you like the best?52.3%  
11Do you like watching the TV show The Golden Girls?52.6%  
12Which of these social media sites do you think will last the longest?58.7%  
13Are there any new TV shows that you are excited about?52.6%  
14Have you heard of any of these musicians?55.9%  
15Can you think of any good 'walking pace' songs?55.6%  
16Have you ever played the board game Clue?55.0%  
17Do you like watching the game show Wheel of Fortune?52.2%  
18How do you prefer to watch TV?56.5%  
19Do you like watching the reruns of The Johnny Carson Show?53.7%  
20Will you be going to see Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens at the cinema?55.2%  
21What kind of animal is Goofy?53.7%  
22Do you like watching Bugs Bunny cartoons?53.8%  
23What stories do you like reading in books?54.8%  
24Name a character on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood besides Mr. Rogers himself.56.7%  
25Do you remember the actor George Burns?51.9%  
26What is your favorite Cheech and Chong movie?56.5%  
27Have you heard of the following musicians?57.1%  
28would you consider adopting a 75-year old man if he gave you his pension?52.2%  
29Are you an Elvis fan?52.2%  
30What song lyrics are running through your mind currently?57.7%