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1Do you know most names of the Police officers in your town or city?55.0%  
2Should North Carolina's bathrooms law be overturned?52.0%  
3Should Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) be sent to a women's prison or a men's prison for manslaughter charges stemming from that auto accident in California?53.7%  
4Is it littering to dump a box of rocks on a sidewalk?50.0%  
5Have you ever been offered a ride in a Police car?53.4%  
6Should you never make threats against someone online and public places?53.6%  
7Would you think twice before doing something stupid and illegal?50.0%  
8Do the police have the right to search your cell phone during the time of your arrest?52.0%  
9Is it ever okay to run through a railroad (railway) crossing when the lights are flashing?52.0%  
10Do you support the new Georgia gun laws?55.8%  
11Are you presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?50.0%  
12If you are running from the cops where should you not hide?58.3%  
13Do you think that truckers could help out the police by ending high speed car chases?52.5%  
14Under the law do you have a legal right to be who you are?45.7%  
15Do you pay income taxes from a job or a business?47.6%  
16Are you in favor of legalizing marijauna?55.2%  
17While there are laws here on Earth do you think that laws will be established on Mars?55.6%  
18Do you think that prisons are overcrowded in the US?50.0%  
19Do you live like you are above the law?53.4%  
20Have you ever rode in a police car?52.5%  
21Have you ever done something stupid in front of a police officer such as bad mouthing or talking back to the cop have you done this?45.0%  
22If a police officer commands you to stop and put your hands up are you going to obey his or her orders?54.2%  
23While riding your bicycle do you obey the same laws as a motor vehicle?47.7%  
24If you heard about a situation like the one below, Do you think the police officer should be charged with Murder?54.5%  
25Do you obey the law all of the time?53.8%  
26What would you do to bring the crime rate down in your town or city?47.7%  
27If you were stopped by the police and they searched you and your vehicle what do you think they might find?53.7%  
28Should this bakery Masterpiece Cakeshop allow same sex couples to buy a cake?43.2%  
29Can you fake a terminal illness such as cancer and get away with it?45.2%  
30Would you come to Colorado or Washington for legal marijauna?50.0%