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31Do you put one to two spaces at the end of a sentence when you type?54.8%  
32What in your opinion makes a language (pick a language, any language) useful or useless, as the case may be?56.5%  
33Do you have any favorite words?57.1%  
34Make a sentence or two with some obvious spelling or grammatical errors.56.3%  
35Do you know the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?53.4%  
36Have you ever heard of the word Metonymy, and if so do you know what it means?55.0%  
37How do you say 2010?56.8%  
38Are there certain accents or languages that just turn you on?54.9%  
39Do you tend to use words that you don't know the meaning of?53.2%  
40Do long toponyms fascinate you?57.6%  
41Are there any words you use today that you used when you were very little?55.3%  
42Do you know the correct usage for the following words?59.8%  
43Which Romance language do you like the sound of?59.7%  
44When inquiring about number of people present, what is the phrase you would use more readily?58.8%  
45Is the phrase "That is as may be", something you might say?53.9%  
46What does the toy maker's attic look like?61.1%  
47Does hearing/saying the word "forever" scare you?56.9%  
48Finish this sentence: I got dangerously close to59.7%  
49Is it better to make a lame response or no response at all?61.3%  
50Which of these accents sound normal to you?62.1%  
51How many different types of languages do you know?52.6%  
52As time goes by, are you a better or worse speller?63.5%  
53What is the best word in the English language?59.5%  
54Name five things you love (or really like) that each begin with the same letter.65.5%  
55How often do you say sorry?65.4%  
56When is the last time you can recall using the word "love" and really meant it?67.6%  
57When is the last time you can recall using the word "hate" and really meant it?66.2%  
58If you heard someone pronounce a word wrong, would you correct them?63.4%  
59Spare us the details!60.3%  
60Do you say sell or sale?62.8%