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31How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?56.5%  
32Are you on antidepressants? If so, which one?56.4%  
33How would you treat me if I told you I had discovered the cure for all illnesses?55.0%  
34Have you ever been diagnosed with any form of anxiety disorder?55.7%  
35At what age did you feel your body began its downward spiral?56.9%  
36Have you ever had a rash?55.4%  
37Which of these statements describe your relationship with alcohol?62.2%  
38How do you feel about your current level of physical conditioning?55.3%  
39Have you ever had a migraine with an aura?56.7%  
40Have you ever had a urinary tract infection?53.3%  
41Did you barf in 2011?56.9%  
42Which specialist doctors have you had an appointment with?61.4%  
43How does seeing a doctor compare to searching online for medical advice in your experience?62.9%  
44Do you have any of these early signs of Alzheimer's disease?60.0%  
45What is the worst burn you've ever had?61.8%  
46Do you know where your water comes from?57.6%  
47Do you think we may be losing out on the potential health benefits that LSD may have?56.9%  
48Which of these symptoms do you have?56.9%  
49Have you ever been to a Psychiatrist?58.6%  
50Would you rather be a wizard or a gatekeeper?60.9%  
51Cutting boards: glass, wood or plastic?54.5%  
52Are you concerned about being used as a test subject for awful diseases against your will?57.8%  
53Are you on a prescription drug plan?55.0%  
54What would you let the medical student do to you?61.5%  
55Did you barf in 2010?58.3%  
56How many pregnancies do you think end in termination each year?54.4%  
57How have your insides been viewed?60.0%  
58Have you ever visited a podiatrist?55.0%  
59Have you ever gotten the flu shot?56.1%  
60If you had a doctor's appointment today, how would you feel about it?61.8%