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1Did you vomit in 2016?50.0%  
2Can you afford health insurance?54.3%  
3How do you protect yourself from the sun?56.3%  
4Did you barf in 2015?53.8%  
5Did you barf in 2014?52.3%  
6Do you take your own blood pressure?53.4%  
7Which of these 12 are the most deadly viruses known to man?45.7%  
8Do you think it's necessary to keep us safe from the Ebola virus?50.0%  
9Do you take anything to help you with sleeping?61.1%  
10What's your opinion on e-cigarettes?57.4%  
11Is the Ebola virus a greater threat to the U.S. than we first thought?47.6%  
12Are you concerned about the Ebola virus outbreak?52.2%  
13Do you know someone who had died and they were brought back to life by doctors or paramedics?52.1%  
14Do you know someone who has Down Syndrome?52.3%  
15Do you smoke e-cigarettes?56.0%  
16Do you have a family member who is diabetic?55.8%  
17Did you barf in 2013?57.1%  
18Have you ever taken aerobics classes before?51.9%  
19Has your current health insurance plan been cancelled just recently?50.0%  
20Are you under stress a lot?58.0%  
21Do you understand the new health care laws in the U.S.?53.3%  
22Do you want affordable health care?55.6%  
23Would you say that your health is good overall?57.4%  
24Are you obese and overweight?48.0%  
25Did you take a bath or shower just recently?47.6%  
26Have you ever been committed to a psychiatric hospital?50.0%  
27Do you suffer from arthritis?52.1%  
28Did you barf in 2012?52.9%  
29How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?56.5%  
30Are you on antidepressants? If so, which one?56.4%