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1Do you make any preserved/fermented/pickled foods?50.0%  
2Do you like to eat cake?55.0%  
3How many cans of tuna is too many?57.5%  
4Do you like to eat lasanga?52.6%  
5Do you like to eat ravioli?55.3%  
6Do you like potato chips with mustard on them?56.5%  
7Did your school have a sandwich bar in the cafeteria?52.6%  
8Do you like to eat pizza made from scratch?52.8%  
9Do you like to eat chili?52.9%  
10Do you like to eat food from a slow cooker?55.3%  
11What type of water do you like to drink?54.0%  
12How do prefer your chicken cooked?56.0%  
13On average, how many cups of coffee do you drink per day?51.9%  
14What kinds of sandwiches do you make at home?52.3%  
15Are there any dishes that you like, even though you really dislike one of the main ingredients?52.6%  
16Do you like to eat at Burger King?54.0%  
17Have you ever had a mixed drink?51.9%  
18Do you drink bottled water?51.9%  
19Do you like to drink orange juice?52.0%  
20Do you like to drink cherry juice?51.9%  
21Which type of soup tastes the best?57.7%  
22Do you like to eat fried chicken?51.9%  
23Do you like to eat barbecue chicken.50.0%  
24Have you ever had cabernet sauvignon?52.0%  
25What's your signature dish?56.0%  
26The best home town restaurant.59.6%  
27Have you eaten green bean casserole?55.6%  
28Do you like blue cheese?58.3%  
29Are there any food blogs that you like?54.3%  
30Do you eat breakfast every morning?55.2%