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31Teen issues48.3%  
32Have you hurt another person?57.4%  
33If there was a system that would make everyone's life around you easier, but made yours somewhat more difficult, would you try to change it?58.6%  
34How would you rate this parent's action?55.6%  
35If you could have $50,000,000 for just pressing one button, but one person (somewhere in the world) would die because of pressing the button. Would you press the button?59.5%  
36When is truth a luxury?60.3%  
37If you believe there to be no God, afterlife, soul, karma, etc. why would you still operate under the laws of morality?54.4%  
38What do you adults think of today's youth generation?56.9%  
39Are some of your family's elders racist?55.3%  
40Should the school have to do something about the crime?58.1%  
41Will Bill Gates have contributed more to society by founding Microsoft or by his philanthropy (giving away the billions he made as founder of Microsoft)?58.3%  
42How do you know when you have suffered enough?54.0%  
43Would you save the guilty person?58.3%  
44Is it a good thing to let friends know what others think of them?61.5%  
45Osama Bin Laden is dead. Do we celebrate or not?57.9%  
46What do you think of RFID technology?56.5%  
47Would you rather live in the moment or constantly plan ahead?54.1%  
48Fair, or not fair?63.5%  
49If statistics showed that black males were more likely to carry a knife than others, would it be morally justifiable for police to stop search a higher percentage of black males?54.5%  
50What do you think of a 40 year old male having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old female if it is consensual?58.3%  
51would u let ur daughter wear this dress50.0%  
52Do you think it is just as important to have environmental protection laws for people living in the mountains or woods to where their natural habitat isn't destroyed by neighbors or government, the same as animals / plants who are endangered?57.8%  
53Which of the Ten Commandments do you agree with?63.5%  
54Do you agree with the idea of Original Sin?54.9%  
55Do you agree with the idea that it is easier to be evil?60.8%  
56Do you consider this "dishonest"?57.6%  
57Which of these is worse?56.5%  
58Is there anything wrong with a person who doesn't help anyone, but doesn't hurt anyone either?54.5%  
59Can a person be conscientious to a fault?54.5%  
60You have the opportunity to cheat on your taxes and there is no risk of getting caught. Do you do it?60.0%