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1Other than Survey Central, what other websites are you a member of?55.0%  
2Have you ever kept an online blog?56.0%  
3What is the longest period of time you could go without access to the internet?56.3%  
4Have you ever edited or added something to an existing Wikipedia entry?57.1%  
5Is the internet a failed utopia?56.0%  
6Do you feel like you are talking to someone while online?50.0%  
7Should you always be careful what you tell others while online?52.4%  
8Do you use Instagram, If so, to what extent?54.2%  
9Have you purchased anything from AliExpress?50.0%  
10What is your experience with Kickstarter?55.6%  
11Have you ever created an animated GIF?52.4%  
12Will most future computing be cloud-based?50.0%  
13Do you like chatting on Facebook?51.9%  
14Are you concerned about your online accounts getting hacked by hackers?51.9%  
15Do you download apps for your mobile phone?50.0%  
16Do you own a Kindle Fire?52.0%  
17What internet browser do you use most?58.0%  
18How often does your internet connection go down?54.5%  
19What's your cable & internet monthly bill?52.2%  
20What Operating System(s) do you have on computational devices in your home?57.4%  
21Which versions of Microsoft Windows have you used (so far)?57.1%  
22Should something be done about cyberbullying?54.5%  
23Have you posted on Facebook or Twitter?53.8%  
24Is your mobile phone a piece of junk?52.2%  
25Are you easy to find on the internet if someone does a web search?50.0%  
27Did you know that your TV can be watching YOU?55.8%  
28How many passwords do you have to websites?56.3%  
29What color is your keyboard?54.2%  
30Does your computer just seem very slow?50.0%