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essay28-Aug-2017opinionLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes19152.8%

Why do you think people get annoyed at this?

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Out and about in public spaces (not a place of quiet or 'respect' decorum) someone does something that is not loud but captures attention. Some people hate things that grab attention, even in appropriate settings and even when it not loud. It is considered 'rude' and it really bothers some people. I want to know your thoughts as to why.
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No Opinion17107051.9
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier reasonable
posted 28-Aug-2017 3:22pm
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber Survey Qualifier reasonable
posted 27-Aug-2017 8:29pm
dab Survey Qualifier reasonable
posted 27-Aug-2017 12:13pm
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator reasonable
posted 27-Aug-2017 10:59am
LJD reasonable
posted 27-Aug-2017 2:02am