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multiple3-Jul-2017hypothetical questionElvisFan67 by votes19160.5%

Would you fly with him?

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Let's say you fly on your next trip. After you board your plane, you find out that your captain was a Blue Angel pilot in the Navy. How would that make you feel?
Total Votes% of VotersFemale VotesMale VotesUnspecified Votes% of Female Votes% of Male Votes% of Unspecified VotesAverage AgeAnswer
1368.4%85..72.7%71.4%..53.1I'd feel extremely safe knowing he flew with an elite squadron.
..................I'd be scared that he'd start doing aerobatics on the flight.
15.3%..1....14.3%....I'd actually hope that he would do a couple of rolls on my flight.
15.3%1....9.1%......I don't fly when I travel, so this question would not apply to me.
315.8%21..18.2%14.3%..49.1I have something else to say (OTHER).
RatingTotalFemaleMaleUnspecifiedAverage Age
No Opinion15105051.6
jettles Survey Central Subscriber reasonable
posted 3-Jul-2017 5:31pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (9 minutes ago) nitpick
posted 3-Jul-2017 2:59pm
The question and the explanation are asking different things.
FordGuy reasonable
posted 3-Jul-2017 9:02am
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber reasonable
posted 2-Jul-2017 8:24pm
msgman nitpick
posted 2-Jul-2017 2:00pm
How about an option for "It would make no difference to me"? I know that's sort of covered by "other", but as it's likely to be a very popular answer I think it would help to include it.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me reasonable
posted 2-Jul-2017 10:41am
dab reasonable
posted 30-Jun-2017 11:56pm