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essay4-Jan-2017hypothetical questionLindaH by votes20255.3%

What would you think of this kid's reply?

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There's a nice, kind and helpful 9 year old kid. She helps other kids with their schoolwork, carrying things, etc. One day a girl falls and hits her head. Helpful girl is nearby but doesn't do anything. Others go to help the girl. Surprised by her lack of helpfulness in this instance, a teacher asks her why she just stood there. She replies "I don't like her."
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No Opinion1789051.5
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator reasonable
posted 4-Jan-2017 2:27pm
But are you sure that you want honest unguarded responses to this question?
gambler reasonable
posted 4-Jan-2017 1:59pm
Lysannus reasonable
posted 4-Jan-2017 9:57am
FordGuy reasonable
posted 4-Jan-2017 6:44am
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber reasonable
posted 3-Jan-2017 8:55pm