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single14-Sep-2009lawdavidhan by votes39451.3%

Do you think police went too far when they arrested a boy trying to give Terri Shavo Water?

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No Opinion291513146.2
mandy reasonable
posted 14-Sep-2009 2:56pm
Iseult needs work
posted 14-Sep-2009 12:53pm
trying to give Terri Shiavo water
FordGuy reasonable
posted 14-Sep-2009 8:31am
cerealkiller reasonable
posted 13-Sep-2009 4:14pm
Crayons reasonable
posted 13-Sep-2009 1:26pm
labjog reasonable
posted 13-Sep-2009 8:56am
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator needs work
posted 13-Sep-2009 8:32am
Forgot to vote - see my last set of comments.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator old
posted 13-Sep-2009 8:32am
The first link comes back as "forbidden".
The second link establishes that the correct spelling of her surname is "Schiavo" but having skim-read the whole (ridiculously long for your purposes) article, I find no reference to anyone being arrested at all.
The third link is to a Christian pro-life website. Googling the name "Joshua Heldreth" only brings up similar websites and blogs. No major news outlets have covered his story as far as I can tell. The only references that I can find to anything like this at all was this and the following from Wikipedia: "Forty-seven protesters, including many children, were arrested outside the hospice where Schiavo was located. Most of these were non-violent, staged arrests for trespassing, made when protestors crossed a police line in a symbolic attempt to bring water to Schiavo. One man ran past police and reached the front door of the hospice carrying a glass of water for Terri; he was stunned with a Taser and was apprehended."

Perhaps the wording of your question should reflect this - as even if a ten year old boy was arrested, it wasn't for actually trying to bring her water, but for trespassing as part of a larger protest.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber old
posted 12-Sep-2009 11:43pm
mandy old
posted 12-Sep-2009 10:09pm
I know nothing about this situation. Can we get an explanation or a link?
Crayons old
posted 12-Sep-2009 9:36pm
I have NO idea what this is about. Maybe posting a link would be nice.
FordGuy old
posted 12-Sep-2009 8:37pm
Umm... Huh? Maybe some more information.. a link... an other option... something?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator old
posted 12-Sep-2009 7:10pm
You need to provide context ( a link to the story or a detailed explanation). You should say either "juvenile" or "boy" rather than both. I don't think that's the correct spelling of the surname, perhaps you should look it up? And this definitely needs at least an "Other" option.
labjog old
posted 12-Sep-2009 3:07pm
I have no idea what you are talking about.