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Pick a Tarot Card

Okay. Ask a question and then select a card. Try to feel the survey and let your mouse be drawn towards picking a card.

Let us know the question and the card you selected. Perhaps those with knowledge of the tarot will provide you with further guidance.

The links provided are visual guides showing a selection of different types of Tarot.

I have limited the choice to the Major Arcana only.

00- The Fool
21- The Magician
22- The High Priestess
33- The Empress
34- The Emperor
25- The Hierophant (Pope)
66- The Lovers
17- The Chariot
28- Strength
19- The Hermit
110- The Wheel of Fortune
111- Justice
012- The Hanged Man
213- Death
314- Temperance
215- The Devil
116- The Tower
117- The Star
318- The Moon
319- The Sun
220- Judgement
121- The World
1I feel a strong need to pick a card from the minor arcana.
6I refuse to participate in this mumbo jumbo.
1I can't decide.

posted 30-Jun-2002 12:51pm  
Strength. And now?
I asked if somewhere in my near future there's some kind of man,since I'm thinking I would better join a convent if my love life doesn't improve. smiley:::smile
posted 30-Jun-2002 1:12pm  
I asked a question about work and chose The Empress card.
posted 30-Jun-2002 1:13pm  
So,,,are you going to let us know what our cards meant? I need an answer!
posted 30-Jun-2002 1:31pm  
Will I get the guy?
The Moon.
posted 30-Jun-2002 2:01pm  
Worried about work. Will things be okay?

(reply to dora) posted 30-Jun-2002 2:05pm  
Well I'm not the expert here. I'm just starting out.
Others though know more.

According to my book - "You will need a lot of physical strength and strength of character to endure this difficult situation for a while. Patience will be needed, as will tact and diplomacy."

I would therefore say - carry on being yourself and don't try to be something other than you are just to impress. No-one like a desperate person.
(reply to juliw) posted 30-Jun-2002 2:09pm  
Representing an earth mother type who knows how to count the pennies. This card denotes fulfilment, having enough money and goods or comfort and also coming to fruition. If looking it could suggest the new address will be linked to the countryside or garden.

Don't know how the last bit fits with work but there you go. That's what it means. A good card I think.
(reply to Cain) posted 30-Jun-2002 2:10pm  
posted 30-Jun-2002 2:35pm  
For cuteasabutton when she arrives -
posted 30-Jun-2002 2:37pm  
My question was about money and my career options. The card I picked was Strength.

I have no idea what that means????
(reply to Dino) posted 30-Jun-2002 2:45pm  
Thanks,,that really did answer my question! It sounds like things are going to work out the way I want them to.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Jun-2002 3:35pm  
How will my business go? (The World)
posted 30-Jun-2002 3:57pm  
My question: Will I ever own my own New York candy store?
I picked the Star. smiley:::smile
(reply to Dino) posted 30-Jun-2002 4:12pm  
Strength has little to do with physical strength.
I'm not desperate,just a bit bored.
posted 30-Jun-2002 4:50pm  
I refuse to participate in this mumbo jumbo.
posted 30-Jun-2002 5:14pm  
#3, the Empress.
posted 30-Jun-2002 5:38pm  
Picked by a tarot program to represent my current state of affairs. It represents my ream of activity, and being reversed, my inertia within that.
(reply to dora) posted 30-Jun-2002 5:40pm  
Well, strength represents the sort of prayer energy found within a convent. It's a caring sort of strong love compassion that should attract any marriage minded man too.
(reply to juliw) posted 30-Jun-2002 5:45pm  
Physically plugged into a position of leadership (administration) by not forcing anything, but having everything harmoniously align with you, not playing favorites but using a compassionate ear that has everyone appreciating their contribution to things.
(reply to Cain) posted 30-Jun-2002 5:48pm  
Choices are daydreamy, quite separate from your physical reality. Your inner romantic conceptions are a different path than the course which would make a relationship work out. You keep everything to yourself, hoping to be understood.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 30-Jun-2002 5:48pm  
Thanks! That's just what I was hoping. I know it's your job, but you do read me pretty well.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 30-Jun-2002 5:50pm  
Is "my" card.The card that,no matter when I do the reading,and about what,it always comes out.
(reply to Dino) posted 30-Jun-2002 5:58pm  
That's not the empress, that's the 9 of pentacles or nine of cups. It's only the empress in about the lowest, basest interpretation possible. What book are you using?
May I recomend The Rabbi's Tarot by daphne moore, The Tarot by Paul Foster Case, and An introduction to Qaballistic Symbolism for serious study; Tarot Dictionary and Compendium by Janet Riley if you want several authors crude interpretations; Tarot in Ten Minutes by R.T. Kaser if you want a more business like guide to answering specific questions like love or business with the cards (as you seem to be interested in). There are also several good books on self-discovery meditation journals and such using the tarot as well, but they are of lessor use for these purposes.
(reply to Dino) posted 30-Jun-2002 6:03pm  
Death - things will fall apart or get shelved to make way for new projects or ways of doing things. You were taking them too seriously and letting them weigh you down anyhow. You'ro too cluttered to see a fresh light in work.
(reply to mandy) posted 30-Jun-2002 6:18pm  
Strength - Nurture projects that come your way with peaceful force. Look for meaningful energy work that doesn't require any blatant show. Put gentle consideration and softly contemplated attention into your finance management rather than any quick desperate fixes.
(reply to bill) posted 30-Jun-2002 6:21pm  
World - The world is your oyster, all possibilities lie before you while you feel confident and keep a broad perspective of everything involved. New ventures will require making plenty of contacts and coordinating much information.
(reply to confetti) posted 30-Jun-2002 6:24pm  
Star - You have what it takes to make your dreams manifest so long as the dream is really about something more important than the physical aspects of the business.
(reply to dora) posted 30-Jun-2002 6:31pm  
He's doing a lot of projecting. It's tough to find a pschic who isn't doing that, and I'm no exception. If you have a good psychic, they can do a reading on several levels, interpreting it as pertaining to anything from the moment between you, to an understanding of your history and options. The readings I do are in terms of paths: what will happen if you make no changes, your options, and the outcomes of those choices.
posted 30-Jun-2002 6:47pm  
Whats going on with me and him? I chose 14temperance with my eyes closed but wanted to pick 5 hierophant with my eyes open.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (1 minute ago)
posted 30-Jun-2002 6:50pm  
My question was: What should i be doing this time next year? I chose Temperance. I don't know why, it was just the first one my eye fell on so I clicked it smiley:::wry smile Not sure if that counts as "feeling" it......
(reply to anonymous) posted 30-Jun-2002 7:07pm  
That's a telling combination. Tarot can use something called gymatria where numbers reduce by adding their digits: temperance 14 is 1+4 which equals 5, the heirophant. The heirophant says you want to spell out how everything is going (or less likely, have him do so). Temperance though means you have to be patient (step back a bit in reserved judgement) and mix energies until you arrive at answers that belong to both of you.
posted 30-Jun-2002 7:17pm  
Temperance is my favorite card.
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Jun-2002 7:29pm  
Temperance and strength are your cards anyhow (they are a bit more emotionally centered than say the star and the high priestess). Temperance suggests that you need to have lots of energy (emotions, actions, knowledge, etc.) flow through you with conscious control but detachment. Guide things without attachment, and you will learn your place in them. That's different than the high-priestess which has all knowledge flow through them with neither judgement nor control, or the magician which controls with attachment but less wisdom/knowledge in their actions, or the chariot which wills their surroundings by and for collective purpose or the heirophant that directs and dispenses knowledge.
Temperance can represent apothecary work. let me draw more cards. Ok, this a tough reading to decipher. It's looking to me like an ambiguous year ahead concerned with developing clarity through dreamy means (moon R, HP R). If anything, your work appears medical related (10 Swords), but school looks like the absolute perfect fit (the world).
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (1 minute ago)
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 30-Jun-2002 7:34pm  
Thankyou, that's really interesting smiley:::smile And accurate to the way I feel right now. What do you mean by dreamy means though?
(reply to spidertea) posted 30-Jun-2002 7:45pm  
That's a good conflux card. I can see some magician, lovers, moon, star and even a glint of tower in you. Temperance doesn't seem to quite be you, but I can't see a better card that comprises on your mix either. Pairs of cards like the chariot and the hanged man would do it. Your more involved than the hermit or high priestess, less outgoing than most of the cards, sharper than Strength, in broader realms that the wheel, a compromise of energies, but not as forceful as justice, so that does sort of leave Temperance.
posted 30-Jun-2002 7:59pm  
I just asked where i am right now....card #5, card #11 and finally card #6
(reply to justjulie) posted 30-Jun-2002 8:15pm  
Hard relationship decisions being made, eh?
posted 30-Jun-2002 8:16pm  
hmm.. some stalking.
posted 30-Jun-2002 8:18pm  
I can't decide. I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about Tarot.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 30-Jun-2002 8:39pm  
Think of a question and use any random method of selecting a card (i list a few in the advanced stats).
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 30-Jun-2002 8:53pm  
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 30-Jun-2002 9:50pm  
Oh, damn...and there I was thinking of all the pretty candy colors.
posted 30-Jun-2002 10:47pm  
I was thinking about my hubby and I...just in real question...just thinking about us... I chose "The Emperor". Have no idea what this means.
posted 30-Jun-2002 11:28pm  
My question:
If I go to see B at the softball game, will anything come of it?

The card picked with my eyes closed:

??????????????????????????????smiley:::wry smile
(reply to Dino) posted 30-Jun-2002 11:33pm  
That is so cool! I love my hello kittysmiley:::smile
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Jul-2002 1:17am  
Thank you smiley:::smile
(reply to moonstone) posted 1-Jul-2002 1:32am  
A fellow who is very methodical and likes to be in control of everything in his environment.
(reply to cuteasabutton) posted 1-Jul-2002 1:36am  
Temperance is mixing stuff (a union) and standing back to see what happens. Seems you do a bit of that.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 1-Jul-2002 4:32am  
What is to come? The Tower.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Jul-2002 4:53am  
Thank you. I bought a beginner's Tarot. Including a Rider-White set and accompanying illustrated book. Very nice but only about one paragraph per card. I'll be curious whether people other than yourself can help out in this 'survey'.

Thanks for the Death/work interpretation. I'm a little worried as so far 10 people have been made redundant and last week four more were.
(reply to romkey) posted 1-Jul-2002 6:11am  
According to one of the websites this is a high stress situation but one that comes and goes relatively quickly. But the good news is that after the storm there will be new beginnings. There were lots of other nasty things said but suffice to say that it will lead to greater understanding and new ways of doing things.
(reply to moonstone) posted 1-Jul-2002 6:18am  
[copied from Website] " indicates that and gains acheived will be long-term in nature..this male will probably represent a man who is most important in their lives." smiley:::raspberry
posted 1-Jul-2002 6:33am  
I asked the Tarot when my boyfriend would propose. I chose the Lovers since we are lovers. What does it mean?
(reply to dora) posted 1-Jul-2002 6:34am  
You're a strong personality! It figures. You know your own mind and don't strike me as someone easily led.
(reply to wolfchik9) posted 1-Jul-2002 6:44am  
I'm sure Kristal will give a decent interpretation but this card is definately about having to make a choice and being faced with decisions. (I guess that doesn't answer your question - sorry)
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Jul-2002 6:56am  
yup, good one. thx.
(reply to Dino) posted 1-Jul-2002 7:18am  
That's ok. Maybe it'll answer the underlying questions in our relationship. Thanks anyway. I might go internet-surfing to find the meanings of these cards in the meantime.
posted 1-Jul-2002 7:55am  
I always go for the ten of swords, which wasn't an option.
(reply to grmbrand) posted 1-Jul-2002 8:06am  
ouch! smiley:::frown That's a sad little card.
(reply to Dino) posted 1-Jul-2002 8:19am  
I forget how the tarot works, but if my memory serves, that is the card the represents me...
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Jul-2002 8:27am  
all the way around...that's the question i always ask...i ask, what's going on right now? relations w/ everyone, w/ scotty w/ cheyenne, w/ my folks, w/ my friends...just every angle i believe. for things can go either way, well, that is always a possibility, but now more than ever, we'll either make it or break it...we'll make it i know, but is here for sure right now.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Dino) posted 1-Jul-2002 12:12pm  
that's stunningly descriptive of today! smiley:::smile
(reply to Dino) posted 1-Jul-2002 2:03pm  
That's right.
I'm stubborn! laughing out loud

(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Jul-2002 4:10pm  
Dammit. I hate it when these things make sense.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Jul-2002 4:45pm  
What will the near future hold?(by near future I am thinking within a year) that is my question. I prefer not to pick a random card like the survey suggests I don't think you can get an accurate reading this way. Could you be of assistance with my question?
(reply to romkey) posted 1-Jul-2002 8:04pm  
I was about to comment that that's the 9-11 card. Just then a news report mentioned tme planes collided at lake constance. What is to come where? There's a lesson light at the end of the tunnel on the tower card. Insight and peace through catastrophe.
posted 1-Jul-2002 8:19pm  
Will he marry me?

The lovers
posted 1-Jul-2002 10:59pm  
has to be the tower - always.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Jul-2002 11:02pm  
didnt think of that aspect.
the tower represents enlightenment.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 2-Jul-2002 12:00am  
The Magician
posted 2-Jul-2002 1:12am  
I don't have any questions....
(reply to Oscar) posted 2-Jul-2002 4:53am  
That's the card of indecision. Its about wanting to be independant but also wanting to be part of someone. It basically a confused card. Good luck - as I know you love this guy Osc! Er..maybe you need to back off a little and give him some breathing space just to show that pairing up with you isn't tantamount to a life sentence with shackles and chains.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Jul-2002 4:55am  
1. You are v. cute. I just caught the other pics in grmbrands website.
2. Thank you very much for making this survey the special thing that it is. Everyone hated it in qual but I personally like it. Thank you.
(reply to wolfchik9) posted 2-Jul-2002 6:06am  
The lovers represents choices and seeking guidance. Anything can represent anything if you have your own vocabulary. A siren could be a good omen for some people, and likewise the Lovers can represent just that. I take it to mean you are waiting upon each other for something to happen.
I just did a quick reading for you.
The first card representing the situation was (surprise!) The Lovers.
You are the Wheel rev. - a dizzying array of potential.
He is Ace Pentacles rev. - An open door of communication possibility.
Your attitude is Prince swords - wishing him to be your sweet knight in shtining armor.
His attitude is king pent. - Planning to create a very solid kingdom of his home and finances.
The merged result is 9 wands. - A leary defended estate. In other words he wants to be a home provider. I suspect there are some other issues though that need addressed at some time, like the balance of power in your relationship. It seems to be heavily weighed upon him.
(reply to grmbrand) posted 2-Jul-2002 6:15am  
Your one of those people who contains the seed of their opposite. Your old realm of concern may be 10 sw., but the Sun lies within you. A spread of your body-heart-mind-soul suggests strong down to earth faculties.
(reply to Oscar) posted 2-Jul-2002 6:24am  
Lovers is making choices and looking for guidance. I threw down more cards though.
You are the princess of wands, a bit of a warrior, more physical than mental about your passions. In this relationship you are the Chariot (will power) and he is the 2 of cups (a relationship), and yet the outcome I see is the 7 of swords (it gets dark and you leave). On the down side, you two encounter a void (3 sw.); on the bright side you have lots of excellent experiences together (the World).
(reply to ASB) posted 2-Jul-2002 6:42am  
2 Cups. everyones thinking about relationships here. Looks like your at one of those contemplative junctures where you see your relationship needs more (3 sw. rev.). Your holding your own quite well (though you want more)(Queen wands), while he's the Hermit now, going inside to consider his greater meaning in life. Your major issue this year is self empowerment (Chariot) while his is watching his current dream set unweave (7 C.). Your combined issue will be desolation. You would be best to stay focused on being the Queen of Pentacles, making sure your physical realm is secure. A secure renewed love vibe is on the way for the two of eventually though. You'll play a stronger part in that (Princess C.).
(reply to Strider) posted 2-Jul-2002 6:53am  
Your concern is a good life (9 pentacles). Your high ideals (Ace swords) (active intelligent force) and your actuality (2 pentacles)(the harmony of indecision) reflect your choice of the magician, meaning you have the capacity to do things but require a path to act upon. The right path now would be a relationship (2 Cups) {which backs up the 9 P. you had}, the path you might mistakenly apply yourself to is the Hanged Man reversed, meaning self-absorbed discard of things outside your dreams of success.
posted 2-Jul-2002 7:09am  
If this ain't Kristal... oh, it wasn't.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Jul-2002 7:11am  
smiley:::smile thanks Kristal
(reply to skylark) posted 2-Jul-2002 7:29am  
*hands you your hat on a plate*
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Jul-2002 7:20pm  
I don't like that answer. Can I have another one???
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Jul-2002 7:22pm  
How about this one...
Are we meant to be together?

You pick the card/s.
(reply to Oscar) posted 2-Jul-2002 8:02pm  
Good girl, you can change the future! This time I have you as the Ace of swords, an actively intelligently inspired person, and he as the High Priestess, someone unjudgementally keeping track of lots of stuff going on.
The advantage of you being with him is the 9 Cups, home and relationship security, for him it is 3 Cups, a festive union. the advantage of you going seperate ways is for you the 8 C., seeing only the despairand misery side of things (no advantage at all), but for him, Strength, he'd find someone with strong nurture anyhow. You'll get along best by working together on things; You'll have the most problem with explosive arguements.
posted 2-Jul-2002 9:56pm  
Is Ben going to be happy with his new job?

I picked the Sun - what does it mean?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Jul-2002 10:00pm  
Ok Kristal, answer mine...
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Jul-2002 10:09pm  
Hmmm...that one's a little different.
(reply to Irene007) posted 3-Jul-2002 2:51am  
"OOh, ooh. Do me!" Ok. I don't know how you picked the card, but there is no happier card, although my happiest card is the World because it incorporates everything. The Sun is fresh innocent vibrancy, like a rebirth.
Wow, what heavy cards. Ben is the High Priestess, lots of mindstuff flowing through. The job demands internal wisdom and self-discipline (and could be isolating)(Hermit). His realtionship to it will be the Heirophant reversed, very political (not necessarily in a good way), demanding much clarity and prowess to navigate a powerful maze. He will have a fresh open-minded attack on it (Ace swords) because it will demand being so mentally alert. {that's not you, that's ben smiley:::wry smile}
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 3-Jul-2002 7:52am  
Hello Kristal. I was just having a little surf of the net and came across this

What do you think of it? According to this - the card which best represents me is 'Wheel of Fortune' but I was a little unsure on some of the questions. (I don't know my own mind half the time and get stuck between admitting what I am and what I want to be).

(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 3-Jul-2002 8:09am  
What do you mean "how I picked the card"? I just quickly glanced through the choices and I was drawn to that one - like it registered. I dunno...

You know, it really will be like a rebirth...
(reply to Dino) posted 3-Jul-2002 6:27pm  
I'd be more inclined to call you the Moon or the Magician.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Jul-2002 12:36am  
I'm enjoying this!!! smiley:::grin

What will our life together be like?
(reply to Oscar) posted 4-Jul-2002 12:48am  
I refuse to answer that one.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Jul-2002 1:39am  
(reply to Oscar) posted 4-Jul-2002 2:18am  
Sorry, I have quite a few reasons. Besides, a few years ago you wouldn't even go for having your cards read.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Jul-2002 4:17am  
The Moon sounds more like me! Yeah. Did you do the little survey test on that site. What did it have you down as? Did you agree?
(reply to Dino) posted 4-Jul-2002 5:32am  
I did it. I don't agree with it. I read the source code and do not agree with their formulae. I've written tarot software myself.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Jul-2002 6:38am  
So, which card does best describes you?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Jul-2002 6:41am  
I also clicked on the link and did the free tarot reading. I asked 'Why am I having difficulty in relationships?' - the results were pretty vague though and gave me what I wanted to hear. I wonder though whether it was crap. In fact re check what I said - the answers were just one line that meant nothing. They should have been more adventurous and supplied a fuller description with each card.
(reply to Dino) posted 4-Jul-2002 9:22am  
I go back and forth between two cards, the Fool and the World.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Jul-2002 10:06am  
Considering the tarot is a cycle that really doesn't surprise me Kristal. smiley:::smile
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Jul-2002 5:26pm  
fine then, be that way smiley:::wink
(reply to Dino) posted 4-Jul-2002 8:55pm  
I used to do that two card reading a few times for myself back in my 900 line days. The chances are like one in 7 billion of having that reading twice. My screensaver randomly picks images off my computer and does the same reading. and yes.. it's quite cyclical. After you go through them all, you start over on the next plane. I'm somewhere near the Star in my earthly-spiritual-planes years.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 5-Jul-2002 5:18pm  
Wow, that is all so true. We're waiting until we're financially stable to think about the future, marriage. He struggles to be the provider but something always goes wrong. Either the job environment is unstable or the environment is okay but he isn't able to make enough to get by. I have helped with the finances as much as possible but I'm in the process of looking for a new job and it's hard to find anything right now. He really wants nothing but the best but he's unable to provide me, and himself, with that due to the circumstances of his recent job ventures. Thanks for making me feel better about the card reading. I am now reassured that we're okay for now. If I have an array of potential, maybe I'll come into a good job and pick up the pieces of our financial mess. Thanks!!!!!
(reply to wolfchik9) posted 5-Jul-2002 8:40pm  
posted 6-Jul-2002 7:38pm  
(reply to Dino) posted 6-Jul-2002 7:40pm  
Well, now what? I randomly hit my screen with my mouse once I paged down, it clicked on Hierophant? I went back, I see a picture of what?
(reply to NthenSome) posted 8-Jul-2002 4:17am  
You were supposed to ask a question first.

This is one interpretation of that card

"..This is a card of learning about life the hard way and although the benefits of this card are not apparent within it, it is this card that gives us our empathetic understanding of others. This card is often defined to mean 'difficulty' overall, however I believe that specifically it means learning through living...."
(reply to Dino) posted 8-Jul-2002 4:24pm  
Ooooo, I like it. It so describes my life - even though I myself got to a point when I didn't consider things to be "hard", more "complicated" - but always more rewarding to have taken that path.
(reply to NthenSome) posted 9-Jul-2002 4:05am  
Well I would say your are pretty 'wise-beyond-your-years'. You come across as that way (somewhat smiley:::wry smile). I think the Pope is a good card for you.

(that and the first card - the beginning of new journeys with confidence)
(reply to Dino) posted 13-Jul-2002 3:22am  
Oh...beginning journeys? Guffaw! Cynch!
Actually getting somewhere, now there's my challenge.
posted 25-Aug-2002 12:36am  
Everytime I do my own love life the devil card appears.
(reply to Iseult) posted 25-Aug-2002 4:08am  
Which reflects the lovers card. The devil is bondage to structures and ignorance, where the lovers are coming from vast innocent potential and are seeking wisdom before committing themself to harnessing oblivious passion. The lovers take on sexuality is expression of mutual compassionate generosity, where the devils take is do what feels good (pure hedonistic lust) but make sure your lover is satiated enough to serve your purposes again. That tree of knowledge and life pictured in the lovers has become the chakra being of the people in the devil card. The chains you will note are loose and voluntary though. When i do readings for relationships, I draw cards for the two people and each of their hopes, expectations, and worries. I also do a sequence of bridge cards for how the two people intersect on physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual being. If a card strikes you as curiously significant, surround it with why?/contributing sources question cards. When you see a card as a pattern map of a situation, you can expand on it, like if it were the wheel, you draw more cards for the ascending, descending, & crowning forces of the logos invocation loop of manifestation, the elemental corner positions, and the inner energies.
RainingFeathers This user is on the site NOW (6 minutes ago)
posted 11-May-2013 3:37pm  
I've always felt close to the Moon card.
When I got my first tarot deck I examined each card and instantly felt a connection to The Moon. I've felt this with every deck I've had since then. It just fits me somehow.
posted 14-May-2013 10:43am  
I like the sun the best. But have no idea what that means.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 21-May-2013 10:33am  
Rebirth of some sort.
posted 4-Jul-2013 6:10pm  
Wheel of fortune

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