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I just wanted to type something in this ... mandy1 6-Oct-1999 8:02pm by mandy
I think we should have a seperate catego... was_Frostbrand1 1-Oct-1999 4:23pm by was_Frostbrand
What if people could rate comments? And... drdt1 27-Sep-1999 12:12pm by drdt
Been on Top 20 more than once. Wasn't th... was_Frostbrand1 22-Sep-1999 4:02pm by was_Frostbrand
Well, last time I looked it had me at 19... was_Frostbrand1 20-Sep-1999 9:25pm by was_Frostbrand
Bill: There seems to be a glitch in the ... was_Frostbrand1 20-Sep-1999 2:28pm by was_Frostbrand
There appears to be a bug in the statist... jonathan1 19-Sep-1999 11:48am by jonathan
Thanks for adding the Inactive New btw..... supplicant1 10-Sep-1999 4:25am by supplicant
bill: What does "favourite" and "complet... Wicksy1 9-Sep-1999 10:01am by Wicksy
Wicksy: Magbast is addicted to Quake. I ... they1 7-Sep-1999 1:13pm by they
oops, I had that backwards (duh).
Very1 6-Sep-1999 4:54pm by Very
Hey bill, when one is viewing SC on a bi... Very1 29-Aug-1999 3:22am by Very
I noticed two undocumented features whil... daver0 22-Aug-1999 10:51pm by daver
Re: Jonathan's complaint from 5/25/99: I... drdt1 18-Aug-1999 2:35pm by drdt
Might be a good idea to add people's nic... drdt1 18-Aug-1999 2:30pm by drdt
Hey, what's happened to North 79 and Mag... Wicksy1 17-Aug-1999 8:30am by Wicksy
I am a little confused...I noticed on th... Pomeranian1 11-Aug-1999 4:29am by Pomeranian
Did "Just New" get changed from all new ... eris1 10-Aug-1999 5:52pm by eris
Some of the inactive surveys I've voted ... supplicant1 8-Aug-1999 3:04pm by supplicant
Not just you... don't think it's been a ... supplicant1 6-Aug-1999 10:25am by supplicant
I was recently surveyed by telephone by ... robin0 19-Jul-1999 8:04pm by robin
Bill : When does a survey become inactiv... Wicksy1 7-Jul-1999 6:56am by Wicksy
eh, so evryone elses seems to have clued... jzp1 4-Jul-1999 12:22pm by jzp
Hey Bill any chance of a catch up button... doom1 22-Jun-1999 4:59pm by doom
When I create a survey, I can never vote... godzilla1 12-Jun-1999 3:34pm by godzilla
hey bill, if someone leaves the vote at ... magbast1 27-May-1999 6:48pm by magbast
Two apparent bugs:
1. My default survey...
jonathan1 25-May-1999 4:11pm by jonathan
I just made my first new survey since th... steve1 30-Nov-1998 10:26pm by steve
When I log into SC, I automatically go t... lizzie1 24-Nov-1998 3:44pm by lizzie

Topics (2,369),   Pages:prev   next1   ... 20   ... 40   ... 60   ... 74   75   76   77   78   79