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Navy SEALS whizkid25 13-Jul-2005 6:46pm by freebird
What Harleys sound like to people who don't like them... Irene00711 12-Jul-2005 8:25pm by Irene007
I'm going to see U2... raspberryMaarten12 12-Jul-2005 2:37pm by cerealkiller
London Mayors Brilliant Speech! chattingDino3 12-Jul-2005 1:51pm by Glassa
Qual. survey recommendations. yeswhizkid4 12-Jul-2005 1:20pm by whizkid
Movement builds to seize Souter home--possible ballot initiatives planned laughing out loudGlassa2 12-Jul-2005 12:41pm by romkey
Eyes Of Charisma!!! Susan: yesjudgescratch1 12-Jul-2005 10:41am by EyesOfCharisma
Bush at Fort Bragg, N.C. whizkid43 12-Jul-2005 9:32am by was_Frostbrand
What was that? LindaH11 11-Jul-2005 1:27pm by cerealkiller
What an idiot... noMaarten9 11-Jul-2005 7:36am by icurok
well off to work in a couple of hours and lets see how it goes. freebird15 11-Jul-2005 12:37am by southernyankee
I Must Regretfully Decline Your Invitation To Appear In Court poker faceZang21 11-Jul-2005 12:19am by southernyankee
another reason to stop smokin' wincesouthernyankee9 10-Jul-2005 5:54pm by Irene007
Art ??? rolls eyesMaarten9 10-Jul-2005 5:16am by they
Evacuation in Birmingham Centre (U.K.)! frowndarkshadowsseeker3 9-Jul-2005 10:35pm by darkshadowsseeker
Petition for wolf359 to be reinstated to use Qual warningOfTheSoul25 9-Jul-2005 12:52pm by LindaH
Londeners and other UK users - are you okay? CarolL22 8-Jul-2005 10:18pm by freebird
If you missed all or part of the Live8 concerts the first time around... smiledarkshadowsseeker2 8-Jul-2005 8:48pm by darkshadowsseeker
An interesting blog site darkshadowsseeker7 8-Jul-2005 6:51pm by darkshadowsseeker
Update gambler3 8-Jul-2005 2:30pm by darkshadowsseeker
Cute Babies smilethey4 8-Jul-2005 8:23am by they
good vibrations cool grinsouthernyankee4 7-Jul-2005 9:47pm by iamdonte
Yee-haw!! winking raspberrydarkshadowsseeker3 7-Jul-2005 9:37pm by iamdonte
Game: Planarity Maarten2 7-Jul-2005 9:35pm by iamdonte
So cool! New sea creature/species found Glassa0 7-Jul-2005 6:32pm by Glassa
Same-sex marriage is now officially legal in Canada! smiledarkshadowsseeker22 7-Jul-2005 4:22pm by Maarten
Joalis darkshadowsseeker4 7-Jul-2005 1:12pm by darkshadowsseeker
Blood Art - click at your own risk Iseult10 7-Jul-2005 6:20am by Irene007
Keep up the good work! smilewhizkid3 6-Jul-2005 4:35pm by LindaH
Bush finally tells the truth!! winkthey3 6-Jul-2005 1:45pm by whizkid

Topics (11,140),   Pages:prev   next   1   ... 94   ... 184   185   186   187   188   189   190   ... 280   ... 372