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What is your favorite late night snack? bill11 27-May-2006 12:40am by cabinfever
What would u do if ur boyfriend tickled u? (girls only) bill3 27-May-2006 12:36am by cabinfever
can i tickle you? bill3 26-May-2006 10:03pm by cloudhugger
why is life so much in sorrow, pain, darkness? bill4 26-May-2006 9:37pm by bill
to all male are you bi or gay? Me in 21 gay and proud! bill4 26-May-2006 9:01pm by Zang
How do u feel when someone tickles u? bill2 25-May-2006 12:05am by cloudhugger
Way do you wear you seatbelt? bill13 23-May-2006 11:20pm by RGirl
How do you feel about Hillary Clinton as President of the United States? bill4 21-May-2006 1:04pm by dab
Have you ever been bungi-cord jumping before? bill4 21-May-2006 10:02am by cloudhugger
How many people here are afraid of getting needles? bill1 17-May-2006 12:29am by LindaH
If given the oppertunity, would you join the Italian mafia as portrayed in th... bill0 13-May-2006 9:49am by bill
Can you commit suicide by accident? bill1 13-May-2006 2:18am by RGirl
If no one were to ever get into trouble...Would it be okay for a minor (girl)... bill2 12-May-2006 11:22pm by Enigma
Do you own anything with Happy Bunny on it? bill1 12-May-2006 11:18pm by Enigma
Gas prices to high, what do you think we should about it? bill5 12-May-2006 10:36pm by LindaH
How much would you pay for a limited edition complete world doll collection o... bill7 12-May-2006 6:01pm by Zang
Is there a meth-amphetamine problem in your community? bill55 12-May-2006 4:01pm by cloudhugger
bare legs or hose bill7 12-May-2006 12:39am by LindaH
Way do you wear pantyhose? bill0 11-May-2006 5:55pm by bill
If you could change any law in your Town, State or Country which one would yo... bill0 11-May-2006 4:45pm by bill
Do you prefer to cook your own meals? bill0 11-May-2006 4:41pm by bill
Do you like frozen dinners? bill0 11-May-2006 4:35pm by bill
NASA received three messages in a strange language from a distant planet. T... bill0 11-May-2006 11:29am by bill
Do you think that the increased crime rate is due to the use of heavier drug... bill7 11-May-2006 12:26am by cloudhugger
As a consumer, what do you think we should about the high price of gas? bill3 10-May-2006 11:50pm by LindaH
Which of these items are mentioned in the Dialog? bill7 10-May-2006 3:16pm by bill
Would you rather sink the pink, or pot the brown? bill7 10-May-2006 7:51am by bill
whats the best band bill14 9-May-2006 11:23am by Enigma
are there any girls out there and are ticklish and if so where? bill0 9-May-2006 5:00am by bill
Ears pierced. bill21 7-May-2006 8:23pm by Enigma

Topics (889),   Pages:prev   next   1   ... 8   ... 16   ... 20   21   22   23   24   25   26   ... 30