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Do you like to put gravy on your mashed potatoes? bill0 20-Jan-2013 11:27pm by bill
Do you vote early on Election Day USA bill3 15-Nov-2012 7:43am by FordGuy
Would you rather make your own health care choices? bill2 31-Oct-2012 8:39am by FordGuy
Im Preganant and My Baby is Due Very soon bill9 18-Oct-2012 2:15pm by cloudhugger
can you tell if some one at work hits the bong ? bill57 26-Sep-2012 8:08am by FordGuy
What do you think of my scars? bill7 5-Sep-2012 6:10pm by cloudhugger
is this did hurt bill6 18-Jul-2012 11:52am by FordGuy
Would you date someone with a lazy eye? bill5 7-Jun-2012 4:32pm by LindaH
help for hidradenitis suppurativa bill7 31-May-2012 1:31pm by cloudhugger
Do you agree with President Obama on same sex marriage bill19 31-May-2012 8:05am by FordGuy
How long did it take you to get your 1st U.S.A. passport when using expedited... bill28 20-May-2012 9:23pm by labjog
Who here likes the scanner cop movies? bill5 14-May-2012 7:41am by FordGuy
Would you prefer bitumen or asphalt to line your driveway (if you had one)? bill15 23-Apr-2012 8:00am by FordGuy
Winner! You have won any of these products! bill25 21-Apr-2012 1:30pm by Zang
Do you think the morals in England are poor, very poor Poor or non- existent bill12 21-Apr-2012 1:23pm by Zang
Vad är det första du tänker på när du hör ordet feminist? bill9 21-Apr-2012 1:20pm by Zang
If you were to take The Banker out for a day and night, where would take him ... bill4 12-Apr-2012 7:49am by FordGuy
In south carolina is it illegal for a 16 year old girl to date a 32 year old ... bill7 8-Mar-2012 5:02pm by cerealkiller
is it ok for a 15 year old to give a 28 year old there number and they dont r... bill23 8-Mar-2012 4:17pm by FordGuy
Is it legal for a school employee in Alabama to have sex with a student even ... bill2 8-Mar-2012 10:55am by Zang
Pardon Me: Have you ever spoken to your friend/family member next to you, the... bill1 5-Mar-2012 3:44pm by cloudhugger
Audible Nostalgia: Does something in your home make a distinctive sound you b... bill0 3-Mar-2012 6:39pm by bill
how to get over 8 years long relationship bill11 24-Feb-2012 9:10am by FordGuy
What is the color of H2O? bill24 25-Jan-2012 9:22am by FordGuy
Is there any truth in stereotypes? bill3 23-Jan-2012 10:53am by FordGuy
I stole from a grocery store even though I could pay. You choose my punishmen... bill16 18-Jan-2012 10:42am by FordGuy
do you ever like when your tummy is tickled? bill14 16-Jan-2012 9:27am by FordGuy
Which of the following do you think is more important with respects to being ... bill8 11-Jan-2012 10:38am by FordGuy
In general, do you start as you mean to go on? bill10 9-Jan-2012 3:21pm by cerealkiller
Please vote: bill3 28-Dec-2011 8:32am by FordGuy

Topics (895),   Pages:prev   next   1   2   3   4   5   6   ... 8   ... 16   ... 23   ... 30