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All the 20 states that talk spanish bill9 5-Dec-2013 7:58am by FordGuy
Have you woken up one morning and had a out of body experience? bill7 3-Dec-2013 4:35pm by FordGuy
Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt like you are in the wrong body... bill3 22-Nov-2013 11:26am by FordGuy
Which U.S states listed below have the most Professional NFL teams? bill7 14-Nov-2013 8:52am by cloudhugger
Are you born a monkey? Or are you born a human? bill11 23-Oct-2013 9:46am by cloudhugger
What does work with some people may not always work with other people do you ... bill4 19-Oct-2013 4:10pm by cloudhugger
Can you edit your survey that you just created? bill1 30-Sep-2013 10:35am by FordGuy
Do you know who I am? bill3 26-Sep-2013 8:34am by FordGuy
If a police officer shoots and kills someone while they are on duty should th... bill11 7-Sep-2013 7:34am by Biggles
Do men like being called boys? bill2 5-Sep-2013 2:58pm by cerealkiller
What do you do the make yourself look more beautiful? bill1 30-Aug-2013 8:07am by FordGuy
how will we survive should taxes ever come down? bill5 20-Aug-2013 10:39am by FordGuy
Do you stop creating new surveys because you cannot think of anything? bill0 27-Jul-2013 5:00am by bill
Do you think I need medical marijauna for my pain?:-x bill4 24-Jul-2013 11:58am by FordGuy
Do you think that I need medical marijauna for pain? bill2 23-Jul-2013 5:38pm by cerealkiller
What decade you liked the best in your life? bill2 23-Jul-2013 5:36pm by cerealkiller
Do you believe you have both a spirit and a soul? bill2 16-Jul-2013 4:32pm by FordGuy
Did you get upset and mad about something that just recently happened to you ... bill1 10-Jul-2013 11:18am by FordGuy
What places do you think men/ boys should not wear hats? bill0 1-Jul-2013 5:00am by bill
Do you take viagra or any other type of sexual enhancement substance? bill2 27-Jun-2013 8:47am by bill
Would same sex couples children be confused if there were two moms or two dad... bill1 27-Jun-2013 7:33am by FordGuy
Where do you masturbate most often? bill6 25-Jun-2013 3:01pm by cerealkiller
Are you the person who does all the laundry in your home? bill5 21-Jun-2013 8:29am by FordGuy
Have you ever been to a hot springs resort with pools? bill4 17-Jun-2013 10:59am by bill
Have you ever been on a Cruise Ship? bill2 13-Jun-2013 9:38am by LindaH
Memorial Day weekend will you be having burgers hotdogs and fries? bill0 29-May-2013 3:55pm by bill
In your own opinion do you think that it is wrong for people to be the person... bill12 25-Apr-2013 8:04am by FordGuy
Which writing utensil you prefer to write with? bill10 1-Apr-2013 7:44am by FordGuy
If you could change your gender would you choose? bill4 18-Mar-2013 3:28pm by FordGuy
Will Dear Abby be missed by many people? bill5 29-Jan-2013 8:02am by cloudhugger

Topics (895),   Pages:prev   next   1   2   3   4   5   6   ... 8   ... 16   ... 23   ... 30