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Within your country, how would you rate your carbon footprint? bill8 14-May-2010 7:21am by FordGuy
is it ok for a 13 year old girl to date a 16 year old boy ? bill8 14-May-2010 12:12am by LindaH
do strict parents have an effect on their child's education and social life? bill3 7-May-2010 3:55pm by cloudhugger
kill the cat bill39 27-Apr-2010 7:09pm by cerealkiller
Can you give me a healthy balanced diet plan for 1 day that i can eat to be a... bill16 15-Apr-2010 7:04am by FordGuy
Is this guy funny/entertaining to watch? bill6 13-Apr-2010 2:42pm by cerealkiller
Who is sad that Shawn Michaels retired? bill6 9-Apr-2010 7:05am by FordGuy
What is YOUR best and favourite song right now? bill6 9-Apr-2010 7:04am by FordGuy
Rate this guy out of 10! (For the 3rd time!) bill5 7-Apr-2010 7:02am by FordGuy
Would you get in a hot tub with a man who was wearing a speedo? ( Check ALL ... bill12 6-Apr-2010 9:23am by LoriJanine
Is it acceptable for an older man to wear a Speedo? bill8 5-Apr-2010 5:22pm by cloudhugger
Is Cereal Killer gay? bill14 2-Apr-2010 1:51pm by FauxLo
If you are an atheist, why are you an atheist? If you are not an atheist, why... bill2 2-Apr-2010 1:51pm by FauxLo
Do you like to J/O all over your speedo while watching films of fat women wad... bill1 2-Apr-2010 7:30am by FordGuy
What is your opinion about older guys wearing a speedo? (Check all that apply... bill5 2-Apr-2010 7:27am by Liss
These are pics of jeff hardy,ok? bill1 31-Mar-2010 5:27pm by Liss
Do you like to pee in your speedo? bill6 31-Mar-2010 2:53pm by FauxLo
I have just got a betta and it is blue with a bit of purple what should i cal... bill4 31-Mar-2010 12:25pm by bill
Does any1 know jeff hardy? if so is he hot? wat would u giv him outta 10? wat... bill10 31-Mar-2010 11:27am by cloudhugger
how many sex partners have you had bill12 19-Mar-2010 6:36pm by cloudhugger
what is the best way to commit suicide bill34 17-Mar-2010 9:27am by Liss
DO YOU LIKE LIVING IN AMERICA? bill6 13-Mar-2010 10:33am by ASB
test bill7 12-Mar-2010 3:54pm by cloudhugger
what is the easiest and best way to end your life? bill1 10-Mar-2010 7:27am by FordGuy
What is the best way to kill yourself using pantyhose? bill6 9-Mar-2010 9:53am by FordGuy
Do you think Sven Kramer (recent Gold Medalist Speed Skater) was rude in the ... bill12 2-Mar-2010 7:35am by FordGuy
Whats the quickist way to kill your family(including me) w/o then knowing? bill8 1-Mar-2010 7:49am by FordGuy
Do you think the concept from the book (and movie) "The Secret" actually work... bill7 18-Feb-2010 11:52pm by Icarus
Witch Actor Or Movie? bill10 18-Feb-2010 2:41pm by Biggles
do you have a good enough reason too die? bill5 21-Jan-2010 8:15am by FordGuy

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