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Surveys - (57.1% ave rating) - 1 to 13 of 13
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1You are to be executed, describe your last meal?60.0%  
2Do you like to eat Belgium Waffles?60.0%  
3What new piece of technology did you get for Xmas?59.1%  
4Happy New Year! What do you think 2018 holds in store for you?59.1%  
5Have you laughed in 2018?59.1%  
6You own a business and you have found out that your best employee is stealing, of the following options which describes best how you would handle it?58.3%  
7Do you eat goose on Christmas?57.7%  
8Do you own a Christmas Wreath?57.7%  
9Did you vomit in 2017?54.5%  
10Do you wear reading glasses?54.5%  
115 star trip to the Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics, which would you choose?54.5%  
12If you're not married or not in a relationship and someone you're not interested in was constantly hitting on you, would you lie to him/her and say you're married or in a relationship just as a polite way of getting him/her off your back?54.2%  
13Do you go out to eat on Christmas Day?53.6%