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Surveys - (54.0% ave rating) - 1 to 14 of 14
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1What is your opinion of parents being charged a fine because their kids are bullying other kids in school?60.4%  
2How do prefer your chicken cooked?57.1%  
3If you could be the greatest "X" in the world what would it be?55.6%  
4Do you wear a hearing aid?54.5%  
5What would you do in this toilet situation?54.5%  
6What type of water do you like to drink?54.3%  
7What do you prefer your toilet seat to be made from?52.9%  
8Do you like watching the game show Wheel of Fortune?52.5%  
9Name a famous city52.5%  
10Should the United States defense budget be increased or decreased?52.4%  
11Do you like to sew?52.4%  
12What do you feel is the earliest age you can leave children and or child alone at home for about 2 hours?52.2%  
13Name a famous bird.52.2%  
14Should North Carolina's bathrooms law be overturned?52.2%