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Surveys - (53.5% ave rating) - 1 to 24 of 24
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1How do you generally watch movies?57.7%  
2What are your go-to meals when you want something that is quick and easy?57.1%  
3Rate your gum flavors by preference in the list of vintage products below;56.5%  
4What's your OTC painkiller of choice?56.5%  
5What arm do you wear a watch on and what hand are you?55.8%  
6Would you rather be the kid that gets picked on or the kid that gets in trouble?55.8%  
7Which of these do you use when you shower or bathe?55.6%  
8What type of soap you like best for washing your hands?54.3%  
9Do you think that people should name a specific concern when they call police?54.2%  
10What was the last TV advert that made you laugh or smile?54.2%  
11Now that the Republicans are in control in Washington D.C. will something get accomplished?53.8%  
12Have you ever played a city simulator type game?53.8%  
13Do you subscribe to the Magazine Field & Stream?52.4%  
14What's the most clever vanity licence plate that you've seen on a car?52.4%  
15Do you like to eat peanuts?52.4%  
16Do you like to eat corn chips?52.4%  
17Name a famous game show host.52.3%  
18Caramel - salty or not?52.1%  
19When unsure about a situation, are you more inclined to operate based on possibilities or probablilities?52.1%  
20Which way do you hang the toliet paper in the bathroom?51.9%  
21Have you ever said "Are you okay" while laughing?50.0%  
22Will most future computing be cloud-based?50.0%  
23Do you think it's necessary to keep us safe from the Ebola virus?50.0%  
24What side are you on - girl should be treated with traditional medicine or not?50.0%